ISM, Inc. works in four practice areas – what we call “pillars of business” – that frequently weave together:

  • Our Entrepreneurship pillar brings “best practice” marketing and cultural/diversity training and services to small and mid-sized companies nationwide.
  • The Global Leadership pillar focuses on developing a world-wide presence, by guiding you in working with ethnic-specific companies, domestically and overseas.
  • Our Technology pillar is dedicated to assisting fledgling tech companies connect with appropriate resources and programs, and to training staff in the marketing and business skills required for success.
  • The Community Outreach pillar concentrates on volunteerism – the things we do, and encourage you to do, to improve the local community, and perhaps the entire world.

ISM Mission: Cultivate the next generation of global leaders and entrepreneurs that are culturally diverse. 

ISM Vision:  Igniting the entrepreneurial spirit in every individual and awakening the leaders with cultural sensitivity! 

ISM Core Value:

  1.  Treat everyone as they would like to be treated
  2. Be clear and thankful
  3. Do whats right and be humble
  4. Do whatever it takes and do it right
  5. Do what you say and say what you do

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