Economic Development Agency Packages


Go Global Program $325K value

This programs add the following to the Accelerate Global Program:

Full time staff support in supported state

Full time staff support in the region

Monthly newsletter with insights on the region

Special events program supports in the region and in the state

Support other overall objectives for the region

Administrative support

Up to 100 pages of review and edits for the selected global region

Monthly meeting or phone call updates

Quarterly strategic planning meeting for the state

Any additional on-demand needs


Accelerate Global Program $600K Value

This program expands on the Go Global Program by providing:

An annual report on trends in the region, from the region

Special reports from insiders in the region on policy and content, as well as contacts

Support all marketing activities, to insure business culture matches the region

Create reports on the annual mission with key next action steps

Involve organization team in some key meetings hosted by the ISM team in Michigan

Support some activities of the organization while we are in the region

Elite Global Program $1.2M value

The ISM team and our affiliates have strong roots around the world and can support abroad duties (in the US or outside the US), which include, but are not limited, to:

(1) Searches and global matchmaking via ISM contacts and network

(2) Trade Events: The ISM team will support trade shows globally

(3) Referrals: Leveraging ISM referral sources.

(4) Business Appointments and Assistance: The ISM Team can set up appointments with global connections and facilitate the discussion.

(5) Annual State Trip: ISM will coordinate an annual trip for up to three participants of the program

(6) Trade Missions: ISM team travels on a monthly basis for global connections

(7) Information: The ISM team will provide an monthly/quarterly reports on activity

At program kickoff, we work with your organization to:

Gather information

Confirm understanding

Plan program delivery so that your organization has a clear program action and deliverables