Host an Entrepreneurial Global Trade Mission for your High School Students

The Global Trade Mission (GTM) provides a unique experience for High School students to participate in a simulated trade mission. 

To date, over 5,000 high school students have learned about issues in global trade, cultural diversity, entrepreneurship, and business and technology tools through The Global Trade Mission program.

GTM is made possible through a partnership between Secondary Schools, Colleges/Universities, local governments, and the private sector, and is an outstanding model of business, government, and education working together to address the skills of 21st century students.

This Intensive, three-day, hands-on learning experience will help your students:

  • Gain entrepreneurial leadership and international business trade skills 
  • Engage with student and business leaders for the first time
  • Through mentoring by local and global experts
  • Address and solve world challenges
  • Interact with STEM related fields (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math)
  • Create a business idea and pitch it to a panel of judges

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One former GTM student reports

“The Global Trade Mission really helped shape my future. Before GTM, I had no interest in, or knowledge of foreign trade.  Now, as a college student, I am majoring in International Relations.”


Carolann Morykwas, Credit Executive for JP Morgan Chase Bank said...

“Global Trade Mission for high school students is an example of what learning and school should be.  I attended as a business coach and evaluator, so I had the chance to see things at work over all three days. While it is a short period of time, it is clear that a lot of learning goes on and students were inspired to take new paths. I applaud you for the program’s success and hope you are able to touch many students in the future.”


An Overview of the Program