GTM Washtenaw Community College 


Program Detail: 

The Washtenaw County Global Trade Mission seminar for high school students is designed to introduce tomorrow’s product and service providers to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship on a global scale. The seminar is free.

“Washtenaw Community College is proud to provide this real-world experience, and the insights it brings, to the students in our community who will be shaping the global economy in a few short years,” said Dr. Rose B. Bellanca, WCC president. “This event will help us further our commitment to help today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce become job ready, wherever their opportunities may take them.”

“This is the future workforce,” said Faris Alami, international executive management consultant and GTM director. “Global Trade Mission provides students with the opportunity to learn about issues in global trade, cultural diversity, entrepreneurship, and business, along with the latest technology tools. At GTM, we are developing the next generation of leaders and talent.”

According to Alami, students will learn from regional experts and other professionals via international video conferencing. They will work in cross-functional teams to simulate an international trade mission in response to global challenges that include alternative energy, homeland security, medical devices, information technology, and robotics.

Each team will create a comprehensive business plan. Each student will assume one of four executive roles, which focus on the development, marketing, and selling of a product. Students will use a variety of resources for their research, including both personal and virtual formats. On the final day, they will present their plans to professionals involved in global trade.

“WCC is excited to host the Global Trade Mission event in Washtenaw County for area high school students,” said Linda Blakey, vice president of student and academic services. “To be successful in the global job market, tomorrow’s workforce must be familiar with different cultural practices and perspectives. This program will be a great introduction for the participants.”


Day One Example: 

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions, Auditorium

8:10 Introduction of the Global Trade Mission (Student Guidebook and Guideposts), Auditorium

8:30 Michigan in the Global Economic Overview, Auditorium

8:50 Meet Your Teammates, Select (2) Challenges and Choose Your Role, Regional Challenge Rooms

9:25 High Tech Industries and Emerging Technologies Snapshot (All going Green), Industry Rooms

Industry Challenge Time 1 Time 2 Room

Cleantech and Renewable Energy

9.30- 9.55

10.00- 10.25

Industry Rooms

Defense and Homeland Security

9.30- 9.55

10.00- 10.25

Industry Rooms

Information Technology and Cybersecurity

9.30- 9.55

10.00- 10.25

Industry Rooms

Life Sciences and Medical Devices

9.30- 9.50

10:00- 10.25

Industry Rooms

Robotics and Automation

9.30- 9.55

10.00- 10.25

Industry Rooms

10:25 Break

10:30 Cross-Cultural Communications and Business Practices, Auditorium

11:00 Working Lunch, Atrium

Create a list of what to ask for the industries in the countries that they are interested in.

11:30 Regional/Country Highlights, Regional Challenge Rooms

▪ Region One: Africa

▪ Region Two: Asia

▪ Region Four: Europe

▪ Region Three: Australia/ North America

▪ Region Five: South America

12:30 p.m. Student Team Planning and Strategy Sessions, Regional Challenge Rooms

2:15 Daily Recap and Adjournment, Auditorium


Day Two: Example

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions, Auditorium

8:10 Passport to Success: Student Guidebook and Guideposts, Auditorium

8:20 Four Ps General Overview, Auditorium

8:50 Break

8:55 Presentation Polish/Preparation, Auditorium

9:25 Student/Teamwork Time – Challenge Work (Business Plan), Regional Challenge Rooms

10:00 (10:00-11:30AM) Team Photo, please see your schools schedule, Atrium

11:00 Working Lunch (Power Point outline), Atrium

12:00 p.m. Student/Teamwork Time – Challenge Work (Power Point), Regional Challenge Rooms

12:15 Teacher Exportmanship Award Discussion, Auditorium

(One teacher from each region room will meet to evaluate and select student team award)

12:45 Students Presentation Dry Run-(Business coaches feedback), Entrepreneurial Presentation Rooms

2:15 Debrief and Dismissal, Auditorium

Day Three: Example

7:30 a.m. Breakfast

8:00 Welcome, Atrium

8:05 Presentation Preparation and Rehearsal, Regional Challenge Rooms

8:45 Evaluator Orientation, Atrium

8:45 Parent/Community Orientation, Auditorium

9:30-11:30 Student and Trade Analyst Presentations, Entrepreneurial Presentation Rooms

11:30 Choices and Challenges after GTM, Auditorium

12:00-1:00 p.m. Certificate and Award Presentation, Auditorium

1:00-2:30 Family Celebration