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Training the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

ISM, Inc. works in four practice areas – what we call “Pillars of Business” – that frequently weave together:
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Experience You Can Trust

 30+ years combined Entrepreneurship Training and Business Strategy Expertise

Community Outreach

Entrepreneurship was the foundation of every major business on the planet, and the entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive the economies of every country in the world.

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Global Leadership

Community service and volunteerism are an investment in your community and its people. Volunteering provides valuable community services, gives you professional experience, and brings people together to strengthen the community.​​

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We Work Globally

There is no such thing as “standard business practice” when you’re interacting with clients on other continents, or hiring staff from around the globe, but you can capitalize on the global economy.​​

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Having consulted in nearly every continent, ISM expertise is truly global. We've set up accelerators, tech transfer offices, facilitated workshops, and developed programs to foster the entrepreneurial spirit around the world.


  • Entrepreneurship
    • Brings “best practice” marketing and cultural/diversity training and services to small and mid-sized companies nationwide
  • Global Leadership 
    • Focuses on developing a world-wide presence, by guiding you in working with ethnic-specific companies, domestically and overseas
  • Technology
    • Dedicated to assisting fledgling tech companies connect with appropriate resources and programs, and to training staff in the marketing and business skills required for success ​
  • Community Outreach
    • Concentrates on volunteerism – the things we do, and encourage you to do, to improve the local community, and perhaps the entire world


​Companies in the technology transfer and commercialization arena face unique challenges that other start-ups and small businesses do not. ISM mentoring & training programs make the difference.

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