The Power of Two in Leadership

Many leaders around the world have shared their insights or secrets for being successful with us. While they are all different, they have a few things in common. What is most interesting is their ability to:

1. Create goals for themselves, and

2. Meet the goals they created

Sometimes it might take them a year, other times ten years. Regardless of the time frame, the key is that they created them and then reached them.

While many tell us they write their goals down and share them with others so they are held accountable, what we see in observing them is twofold:

 They create rhythm — structures or routines — things that repeat. is one of the elements you might think about when wanting to become a successful leader. 

They are committed to following up on the structures they create

They create these rhythms, whether it’s working out once a week from 6–7 am, or making phone calls at 8 am. They create the task for a daily, weekly, or monthly rhythm. This is one element you might think about if you want to become a successful leader. The other is ensuring you follow up.


We see our blogs as opportunities for dialogue. Please share your thoughts as comments.

1. What rhythms have you created for yourself to stay on task?

2. What systems have you put in place to ensure that your rhythm stays in place?

3. What other tools have you used to make this happen?


Faris Alami is Founder and CEO of International Strategic Management, Inc. (ISM). He works internationally, presenting Exploring Entrepreneurship Workshops and other entrepreneurial ecosystem — related ventures.

Faris Alami