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September 2019

It’s hard to believe we are closing in on the halfway mark of September - seems like it was July a few days ago! We’re packing away the summer clothes, making sure the boots and mittens from last year still fit….


August 2019

This year we thank you for your support as we get ready to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. We look forward to finding new ways to work with each and everyone of you and please feel free to download our 15 year…


July 2019

This year, we’ve got some “hot” events slated for August, like the DTX Launch Detroit Showcase, the Integr8 The Industry 4.0 Conference, and the Yallaeat! Culinary Walking Tours through beautiful Dearborn, Michigan….


June 2019

Half the year gone already - can you believe it? After a wet and rather cool spring, summer has arrived here in Michigan, and the entrepreneurial spirit is strong. Check out the opportunities in this newsletter…


May 2019

They say May is the sweetest month of the year in the northern hemisphere…


April 2019

What an active month we have coming up now that winter has slipped its way out of metro Detroit!


March 2019

Earlier last week we celebrated the Spring Equinox, and soon the cherry trees in the northern part of the state will blossom…


February 2019

Things are looking up all across the northern hemisphere, where spring is only a few weeks away. Here in Detroit, it’s another …


January 2019

One thing we know for sure about Detroit: Even when the temps fall below freezing, the entrepreneurial sector …


December 2018

One of the seasonal joys of winter in Detroit is ice skating at The Rink at Campus Martius Park. Another is the variety of opportunities for…


November 2018

They say storytelling is the primary marketing tool for any size business. This month, ISM is…


October 2018

Autumn in Detroit is colorful in so many ways! The brilliant maple, oak, and beech leaves cover…


September 2018

unset along the Detroit River is almost always beautiful, especially when autumn begins to arrive.


August 2018

Daylight is growing shorter here in Michigan, as we head toward autumn, but we’re clear …


July 2018

Just as GPS guides our modern travels, the lighthouse has guided water-bound vessels for as long as man can...


June 2018

It's hard to believe we are already halfway through 2018, isn't it? We are honored to announce that...


May 2018

There's nothing quite so spectacular as the miles and miles of cherry trees in full blossom in Traverse City, Michigan


April 2018

April in Michigan is always surprising: summer temperatures one day, and a snowstorm the next!


March 2018

It is officially Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, which means things are turning green and...


February 2018

We hope you enjoy this view of our beautiful riverfront and international port via...

Jan 2018.jpg

January 2018

We all delight in a new year, don’t we? So much to look forward to, so many possibilities!


December 2017

Even in the worst winter conditions, the people of Detroit find ways to enjoy our beautiful river!


November 2017

Sunset over the City of Detroit is always a beautiful sight. Scroll down to learn of...


October 2017

We're just two weeks away from peak autumn color in Detroit. Here's a view of the city from Windsor...


September 2017

Detroit Michigan, USA, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada, share the waterways of the Detroit...


August 2017

The buildings along the Detroit riverfront are as varied and colorful as the people who keep the...


July 2017

Things are heating up here in Detroit Michigan - literally and figuratively...


June 2017

The summer solstice has come to the northern hemisphere, bringing tourist and vacation...


May 2017

May begins the strong summer tourist season here in Michigan, when millions of people cross...


April 2017

Spring is Beautiful along the Detroit River, and the business opportunities are blooming, too...


March 2017

Whether it’s in your home town or on the other side of the globe, International Strategic Management has info you need....


February 2017

There are several exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and college students in and around Detroit this month!


January 2017

A new year has arrived… and with it, new opportunities around the globe. Scroll through to learn about Automation Alley’s Trade Missions...


December 2016

Happy Holidays for those who celebrate something in December - and Happy New Year to All!